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Unexplored Paris  by Rodolphe Trouilleux
Surprises, rare finds, and odd treasures sure to enchant lovers of multifaceted Paris. A Palladian pavilion, an 18th century tower, two rats nibbling a hole in the wall, a black virgin, a tortured chevalier, a building like a ship, 19th century greenhouses, an arch over a lost canal. Just a few of Paris' secrets waiting to be explored.
Publisher : Parigramme (7 May 2009), Collection : Guides thématiques. ISBN-13: 978-2840965732
Unexplored Paris
Walks Through Lost Paris  by Leonard Pitt
A chronicle of Paris's great periods of urban reconstruction through four detailed walking tours. Focusing on the work of Haussmann, this book provides a history of each site along with the motives behind the urban redesign and the reactions of the citizens. Hundreds of color photos, diagrams, and engravings splendidly survey the massive transformation that resulted in the Paris of today.
Publisher : Counterpoint (8 January 2009). ISBN-13: 978-1593761035
Walks Through Lost Paris
Paris Secrets : Architecture, Interiors, Quartiers, Corners  by Janelle McCulloch
From magnificent squares to exquisite side streets, tucked-away gardens to quiet neighborhood bistros, this richly illustrated volume mixes aesthetics, architecture, arrondissements and elegance in a very Parisian way. Wind your way through Paris via pages shimmering with seductive stairwells, irresistible bistros and patisseries, beguiling back streets, beautiful boulevards, enticing courtyards and must-see interiors.
Publisher : Images Publishing Group (1 August 2010). ISBN-13: 978-1864703085
Paris Secrets : Architecture, Interiors, Quartiers, Corners
Quiet Corners of Paris : Unexpected Hideaways, Secret Courtyards, Hidden Gardens  by J-C Napais
This illustrated handbook takes you to the lesser-known quarters of Paris. Here, arranged by arrondissement is a brief but compelling guide to these unknown spots, ranging from museum courtyards and royal gardens to 15th century cloisters and tiny passageways to the back streets and lanes of the various neighborhoods.
Publisher : Little Bookroom (25 October 2007). ISBN-13: 978-1892145505
Quiet Corners of Paris : Unexpected Hideaways, Secret Courtyards, Hidden Gardens
Secret Paris  by Jacques Garance, Maud Ratton
A priest who blesses animals, wine-producing firemen, a tree in a church, an inverted phallus at a famos entrance, an atomic bomb shelter under the Gare de l'Est, a real Breton lighthouse near Montparnasse, unsuspected traces of former brothels, a patron saint of mototists, royal monograms hidden in the Louvre courtyard.
Editeur : Jonglez (27 avril 2007). ISBN-13: 978-2915807172
Secret Paris
Montmartre Village  by Sylvain Ageorges
Along winding alleyways and flights of stairs stretching skyward, Sylvain Ageorges points his lens at the bucolic sights of the slopes of Montmartre. In the dark of night or on a misty morning, on a snowy day or a summer afternoon, the light changes, revealing the enduring charm of one of the last villages in Paris.
Publisher : Parigramme (29 April 2010), Collection : Paris Découvertes. ISBN-13: 978-2840966548
Montmartre Village
Montmartre secret  by Liesbeth Passot-Kanbier
A photo-essay of the quarter of Montmartre, this book is comprised mostly of contemporary black and white photographs, but with an emphasis on showing the more historic areas of the area. There are brief paragraphs of text (in both English and French) that appear throughout and describe the architecture, sights, and history of the locality.
Publisher : Parigramme (11 April 2002), Collection : Beaux-livres. ISBN-13: 978-2840962557
Montmartre secret
Secret bars & restaurants in Paris  by Jacques Garance, Stephanie Rivoal
Dine in the home of a perfect stranger or on a secret terrace looking out on the Parc Monceau, eat lunch at a restaurant invisible from the street, have a drink at a bar beside a man taking a shower in a glass box, join a band of artistic squatters for an afternoon barbecue, and experience numerous other timeless venues and atmospheres.
Publisher : Jonglez (9 January 2009). ISBN-13: 978-2915807479
Secret bars & restaurants in Paris
A Paris Walking Guide  by Fredo Popmann
Be your own guide to the city’s history, with these step by step walking tours through the streets, courtyards, and gardens of each arrondissement. Do appreciate intriguing architectural details, wander into peaceful courtyards and passageways, and admire the fine mansions and churches. To find the true Paris, just venture through a gate, into a courtyard or down a narrow street.
Publisher : Parigramme (29 January 2009), Collection : Guides thématiques. ISBN-13: 978-2840965596
A Paris Walking Guide
Beneath Paris  by Emmanuel Gaffard
Quarries, Catacombs, Crypts, Sewers, Tunnels...the ground beneath Paris has been quarried for limestone and gypsum since the Middle Ages. Over 300 kilometers of carefully reinforced galleries remain of these excavations, mostly on the Left Bank. Other subterranean mazes include the sewers and the metro system, and the circuits for utilities such as gas, electricity, and telephone service.
Publisher : Parigramme (6 June 2007), Collection : Paris Découvertes. ISBN-13: 978-2840964827
Beneath Paris
Paris terrasses : Outdoor Dining in Paris  by Simon Roger, Sylvain Ageorges
Indulge in the joys of a balmy spring day, relax in an enchanting setting in the shade – it’s easy to enjoy a drink, a snack, or even a meal outside, far from the Parisian bustle. Gracing a rooftop, moored to a barge fragrant with flowers, or nestled in a courtyard, terraces promise sweet oblivion and a taste of the countryside without leaving Paris.
Publisher : Parigramme (10 April 2008), Collection : Paris Découvertes. ISBN-13: 978-2840965367
Paris terrasses : Outdoor Dining in Paris
Paris Strolls in Watercolor  by Charles Bilas, Benoît d'Amat
The villages of Paris are a treat for the stroller, who loves to explore their cobbled passages and verdant courtyards, and to survey their artists’ studios and the residences of bohemia, of writers, musicians and painters. These bucolic backstreets are tinged with a gentle nostalgia. Away from the sign-posted circuits and landmark monuments is another Paris, whose soul is an unending delight.
Publisher : Parigramme (29 April 2008), Collection : Beaux Livres. ISBN-13: 978-2840965268
Paris Strolls in Watercolor
Offbeat Paris : Hidden Tourist Gems of Paris and the Ile De France  by Hugh Oram
A rich guide to the often-overlooked parts of the city - its hidden villas, winding lanes, cobblestone courtyards and Renaissance fountains. A great source of attractions, eateries, etc… mainly off-beat and arranged by arrondissement. Most of the places mentioned here are out of doors and open to the public.
Publisher : Exposure Publishing (20 March 2006). ISBN-13: 978-1846851308
Offbeat Paris : Hidden Tourist Gems of Paris and the Ile De France
Paris Discovered : Explorations in the City of Light  by Mary McAuliffe
This guide - written by an historian and based on personal exploration, old maps, and documents - offers 50 walking destinations, many unfamiliar even to Parisians. Several excursions evoke the spirit of an age past and other tours of the very earliest houses and churches provide a fascinating view into a thousand years of infrastructure.
Publisher : Princeton Book Company (1 September 2006). ISBN-13: 978-0871272874
Paris Discovered : Explorations in the City of Light
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