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About introduced by its creator
" The concept or original idea behind this site is quite simple: to present you with a selection of places which reveal the hidden and lesser known aspects of Paris. Beyond the traditional touristic aspect of the city, many Parisians, and French people in general, long to discover another side to the French capital, that of more secret, picturesque or little-known spots. But guidebooks usually concentrate on the typical and well-known tourist sites. My wish was therefore to share with you the benefits of the many, often unexpected, discoveries made over the innumerable hours I have spent walking around this magical city over the years. As Paris is the first world tourist destination, this website is naturally aimed at a very wide international audience. It was therefore clear that it should be made available in English, in anticipation of the launch of Spanish and Japanese versions in the near future. Through my exchanges and encounters with foreigners visiting or living in Paris for varying lengths of time, I have found out that these people are often completely unaware of the authentic and little-known aspect of Paris, not covered by most guidebooks. The curiosity and enthusiasm aroused by the subject provided me with the motivation to create a website intended equally for foreigners interested in and passionate about Paris, and for Parisians already familiar with their city.
Thus was born the idea of Paris méconnu ! "

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